The Easy Decision for Precision

TeeJet Easy Decision for Precision

 RealView® Guidance Over Video - a TeeJet Exclusive!

  • Guidance information and live video displayed simultaneously
  • Operators see guidance over an actual image rather than a virtual image
  • Easier to verify the vehicle is on the right path - especially at end rows. Accuracy and efficiency is improved
  • Up to 8 video cameras can be used - making it easier for operators to monitor hard-to-see equipment operations
  • Operators choose what they see - guidance over video, guidance only or video only

Learn about the benefits that RealView Guidance Over Video adds to our new precision farming products:

Matrix® Pro Guidance GS

FieldPilot® Auto Steering System 

UniPilot® Assisted Steering System


Weren't able to join us to learn about the next generation of our Matrix guidance system - Matrix Pro? Watch it today via the link below.  

Click here to view the webinar



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