DynaJet® Flex 7120 Nozzle Control System

TeeJet Technologies Launches DynaJet® Flex 7120 Nozzle Control System

WHEATON, IL USA (February 10, 2015) – The new DynaJet Flex 7120 nozzle control system actively manages spray quality across a wide range of operating speeds and application rates to ensure optimal performance of your crop protection inputs. The system consists of the DynaJet Console & Interface, Driver Modules, nozzle body mounted solenoid tip shutoffs and related harnesses. DynaJet is used in conjunction with an existing rate controller and features a modular design that can be retrofitted onto a wide range of new or used sprayers.

Spraying crop protection products has traditionally been a compromise, requiring the operator to carefully balance ground speed and operating pressure. The DynaJet system controls the pressure and droplet size across a wide range of speeds, allowing the operator to choose the optimum speed that conditions allow while maintaining consistent droplet size. For ease of operation, the compact, touchscreen user interface features a complete nozzle database that allows for easy droplet size selection.  

In addition to improved spray quality management, the DynaJet system provides instantaneous tip shutoff which helps to minimize waste and overspray. Additionally, the ability to adjust nozzle flow capacity from the cab allows growers to operate at a wider range of ground speeds or application volumes without having to change nozzles, which results in greater productivity. 

“The days of simple, glyphosate-based weed control programs are largely behind us. Today’s variety of chemistries requires more intensive management of spray quality to ensure proper pest control while preventing damage to off-target crops. ” notes Tim Stuenkel, Global Marketing Manager for TeeJet Technologies.  “The DynaJet Flex 7120 provides a solution that ensures optimum spray application while boosting the operating efficiency of the machine.”

TeeJet Technologies manufactures a comprehensive line of products including agricultural spray nozzles for various pesticide/fertilizer applications, boom components, valves/manifolds, strainers, and spray guns, as well as GPS guidance systems, sprayer control systems, ISOBUS job computers, assisted steering systems and other precision farming products. In addition, TeeJet Technologies continues to invest in research and development to advance precision application and control technology.

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