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IC18 Sprayer ECU and IC18 Spreader ECU: Use with your existing VT for spraying and spreading


Many newer tractors feature factory-installed ISOBUS terminals. If you have a virtual terminal in your cab, you’re well aware of the benefits of ISOBUS. Our ISOBUS IC18 Electronic Control Unit (ECU) can help you leverage that investment by providing rate control economically. 
  • ISOBUS-certified. Will work with terminals from other manufacturers that are ISOBUS-compliant. Be sure to ask customers about the type of terminal they have to ensure compatibility
  • Ten section output provides nine section control plus master capability    
  • 15 application data points displayed in real time  
  • Works seamlessly and displays on any ISOBUS VT 
  • Easy navigation menu and data rich display 
  • IC18 Sprayer ECU suitable for use with NH3 and liquid fertilizer 
  • Use IC18 Spreader ECU for dry product application 
  • Automatic boom section control upgrade option 
  • Variable rate control available providing your VT has GPS and task control capability 
  • IC18 ECU resides on the implement, reducing hardware in the cab

    TeeJet IC34 Job Computer

    The TeeJet IC34 job computer is a complete ISOBUS implement control solution. The job computer connects directly to the ISOBUS and contains a complete collection of input and output capabilities. Further expandability is easily added throught the proprietary Powerlink+ CAN expansion bus. Cost effective Powerlink+ input and output modules enable almost endless expansion and complete design flexibility. The IC34 is a cutting edge ISOBUS job computer that can easily be customized to meet design requirements.



    The IC34 Job Computer


     10.2 x 7.1 x 3.5 in
     (260 x 180 x 90 mm) 

      14°F to 158 °F (-10°C to 70°C)
     Power:   12 VDC Nominal (8V-16V) standard
     Communication:      CAN 2.0b and minimum 1 RS232
     Inputs/Outputs:   4 frequency inputs max. 3 KHz

      4 feedback inputs, analog or digital, 
      max. 1.5 KHz (optional)

      1 analog pressure input 10Bit, 
      4 to 20mA

      Sensor power, max. 1A

      2 H-Bridge outputs, min. 2.8A, 
      PWM frequency max. 2 KHz

      1 Powerlink+ bus, CAN1H, CAN1L, 
      switched power and GND
      3 Powerlink+ buses, CAN1H, CAN1L,
      switched power and GND
      All outputs are overlad protected. 
      20A max. total output
      Complies with ISO 11783 - 
      EMC Approved

      Infineon XC167CI Processor, 40 MHz

      PIC16F876A Processor for 
      bridge regulation (optional)

      3 CAN controllers 
      (2 internal and 1 external)

      Program Flash min. 1 MB, 
      Data Flash min. 1 MB

      RAM min. 1 MB

      Customized input specifications
      Externally programmable via RS232

Software version 1.10 | Part # 98-05204
Software version 1.10 | Part # 98-05204
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