TeeJet® LH 500 Slurry Controller

A brand new speed compensated sludge and slurry application control system for slurry spread and injecting machines.

LH Agro introduced the first slurry control kit in 1993. The 500 console is part of the second generation of these systems.


  • Non-contact electromagnetic flow meter to help control your liquid manure application.
  • Data is collected from the flow sensor, a speed sensor, and shaft speed sensors fitted at the pump and distributor.
  • Electric signals from the computer to the tanker's oil hydraulic valve block control the setting of the vehicle's bypass output valve on the discharge pipe.
  • Even application! Tank level has no unfortunate influence on your precision.
  • Easy to learn and use. Warnings are given if any performance irregularities occur.
  • The pilot is only requested to enter the desired Tonne/Hectare rate via the computer's keypad.
  • An increase/decrease percentage key allows the operator to change the rate temporarily.
  • GPS precision farming is compatible with the TeeJet LH 500 console.
  • Task function allowing for ten different counter sets to be stored for review and for printing.

How to order: 


LH Part




  TeeJet LH 500 Slurry Control Kit, 
  includes 4" (100 mm) Flow Meter   



  TeeJet LH 500 Slurry Control Kit, 
  includes 5" (125 mm) Flow Meter 



  TeeJet LH 500 Slurry Control Kit, 
  includes 6" (150 mm) Flow Meter 

500 Slurry Computer

 Part Number
(LH Only)

Spare Parts


 TeeJet LH Slurry Computer 




 Screw 6 mm 3 x 19




 Screw M 5 x 10


 Spring Washer, 6 mm


 Washer, 5 mm


  Thumb Screw


 Screw M 3 x 12




 Washer, 3 mm


 Nut M3




 Screw M 6 x 16


 Nut M6


 Operator's Manual


 Operator's Manual, Mini


 TeeJet LH Standard Fitting Instructions

U.S. Catalog 50, page 142
Metric Catalog 50, page 142
U.S. Catalog 50, page 143
Metric Catalog 50, page 143
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