834-P Sprayer Control

The 834-P is specially designed for use on smaller sprayers with 12-volt electrical product pumps. Rather than controlling a regulating valve, as most spray controllers do, the 834-P simply controls the pump RPM to change the application rate. Built around the easy to use 834 controller, the 834-P will give you accurate control with minimal up front set up time. Simple plumbing and setup make this an ideal control system for ATV sprayers and other compact mobile sprayers.


  • Simple programming and setup.
  • Pressure sensor based control means easy installation.
  • Clear display shows application rate, system pressure, and speed.
  • 25-amp capacity for use with larger pumps. 

How to order: 

Part Number



  Core Kit (includes console, mounting brackets, 
  cables, booster module,  pressure sensor, 
  proximity speed sensor, and manual)


  Console only

U.S. Catalog 50, page 128
Metric Catalog 50, page 128
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