834 Sprayer Control

The TeeJet 834 is a convenient and fully automatic sprayer control. Designed to be easy to use and reliable, the 834 control system is ideal for applicators who want the precision of computerized rate control without the complexity of more sophisticated systems.


  • Compact size for convenience and easy mounting.
  • Rugged aluminum construction symbolizes quality construction and reliability.
  • Simple programming with only five values needed.
  • Operating tips on the front panel make it convenient to recall programming steps.
  • Manual mode is available for special application needs. 


How to order: 

Part Number



  Core Kit, 5-switch console (pressure based, US units),
  cables, brackets, and pressure sensor


  Core Kit, 5-switch console (pressure based, metric units), 
  cables, brackets, and pressure sensor

Above kits do not include speed sensors, regulating valves, or shutoff valves.

U.S. Catalog 50, page 128
Metric Catalog 50, page 128
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