844-AB Sprayer Control

The TeeJet 844-AB is designed exclusively for orchard spraying and is available with a conventional wiring system or junction box to customize features.


  • Convenient operation. Individual boom control switches allow the operator to accurately manage spray application by changing spray patterns according to tree height.
  • Greater accuracy. When a boom section is shut off, the system can automatically maintain system pressure. This prevents over-application when spraying sections of smaller trees.
  • Improves efficiency. Individual boom controls allow you to shut off boom sections from the tractor seat. Time will no longer be wasted getting on and off the tractor to shut off valves.
  • On-the-go swath width adjustment allows operator to go from one orchard to another without reprogramming.
  • Automatic control is fast and stable.
  • Built in planning tool helps match application rate, tip capacity, and pressure.
  • Large backlit display shows all spraying informaiton at a glance.
  • Control up to four boom sections plus master shutoff.
  • Flow- or pressure-based regulation optioins provide reliability and flexibility.
  • Single cable connection for quick hookup.


How to order: 

Part Number



  Core Kit, 844-AB-4 
  (console with mounting brackets, cables, and manual)


  Console only, 844-AB-4

U.S. Catalog 50, page 127
Metric Catalog 50, page 127
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