844E Sprayer Control

The TeeJet 844 Sprayer Control offers spraying advantages not found in other controllers. Designed with simplicity in mind, computer controlled spraying has never been so easy. Simply set your target application rate and the unique VisiFlo display on the 844 helps select the right TeeJet tip for the application. Once spraying begins, the large display shows application rate, volume sprayed, system pressure, sprayer speed, and area covered.

The built in planning tool on the 844 automatically displays the speed needed to achieve the target rate with the specified tip. It will also calculate the pressure necessary for achieving the target application rate when speed is entered.

The 844 is available in a complete package with the valves, cables, and sensors needed to put together a total sprayer control system, or as an individual controller.


  • Full featured sprayer control with industry leading ease of use.
  • Large backlit display shows all spraying information at a glance.
  • Color coded tip selection for easy programming.
  • Communication port for PC and GPS interfacing.
  • Flow- or pressure-based regulation options provide reliability and flexibility.
  • Five boom section switches plus master shutoff.
  • Durable, weather resistant aluminum housing.
  • Single cable connection for quick hookup. 


How to order: 

Part Number



  844E-5 Core Kit with 16' / 5 m main harness


  844E-5 Core Kit without cables


  844E-5 Core Kit with 26' / 8 m main harness

U.S. Catalog 50, page 127
Metric Catalog 50, page 127
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