Radion 8140 Automatic Sprayer Control
Radion8140 HO-XR screen
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Radion 8140 Automatic Sprayer Control

Designed with simplicity in mind, Radion offers spraying advantages not found in other controllers. Simply set your target application rate and the  unique VisiFlo display on the controller helps select the right TeeJet tip for the application. Once spraying begins, the large display shows application rate, volume sprayed, system pressure, sprayer speed, and area covered. Radion’s built-in planning tool automatically displays the available speed range for the target rate and spray tip that have been selected. This unique visual planning tool makes choosing the correct spray nozzle for an application a quick and simple task. Radion is available as an individual controller, or in a complete package with the valves, cables, and sensors needed to put together a total sprayer control system.

  • Large 4.3” color touch screen is packed with useful information, and is easy to view in both day and night conditions
  • Built-in Droplet Size Monitor Uses TeeJet 800 Series cables for quick hookup
  • Available with 5, 7 or 9 boom section switches plus master shutoff
  • TeeJet spray nozzle database is programmed into the Radion 8140, making tip selection quick and easy
  • Communication port for connection to external variable rate controls
  • Designed for direct connection to TeeJet Matrix® consoles for auto-sectioncontrol without extra devices
  • Tank level monitoring and automatic filling function


Radion 8140 Sprayer Control Bulletin
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