Sentry 6510
Sentry 6510
  • Sentry 6510

Sentry 6510

The Sentry 6510 Capacity monitor offers an easy-to-use system indicating grain loss from sieves and straw walkers on two indicators. Combined with the current ground speed in the equation, this provides a combine capacity indicator. The Sentry 6510 replaces our trusted LH 865 Combine Capacity Indicator and is based on the same refined sensor technology.


  • The Sentry 6510 is equipped with two bright, easy-to-read led displays which assisted by the new build-in light sensor ensures an easy readable display in all lighting conditions.
  • The two led displays make the operation simple and easy to use allowing the operator to concentrate on the job itself.
  • Reduces grain loss and drying costs
  • Forward speed compensated for increased combine capacity
  • Can be fitted to almost all combines, new or used
  • Simplified installation
  • Speed input can now handle radar signal.
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