TeeJet® 1000 Speed and Areameter

The TeeJet 1000 is a real “multi purpose” meter.  Here are some examples of common applications and practical uses of its many features:

Crop Protection
The TeeJet 1000 updates your applied area as your spray work proceeds.
Accurate and even forward speed is essential for an even application. Effective control of both factors enhances your work accuracy and performance.

Disc Spinner
Area measure plus precise forward speed facilitates calibration and the running control of any spinner. Disc or pto. speed monitoring secures your spread pattern is kept even. The distance-meter feature will ease your spinner calibration procedure.

Seed Drill
The TeeJet 1000 measures your seeding area precisely .
The override sensor can be placed on the tractor linkage, or on the drill for precise area recording. Similar application for this sensor can be a swather, baler or chopper.

Sludge and Slurry
Spreading or dribble application of fertilizer, sludge, slurry...

Because you measure both working speed and covered area, you can as your work proceeds constantly compare each tank load against the actual applied (covered) area, thus maintaining an even rate of application.


  • Recommendable for DIY on-farm fitting.
  • Fitting instructions and manual included.
  • Speed sensor and magnets included.
  • Override sensor included.
  • Recomended location of the speed sensor - tractor rear R/H wheel.   
  • Compatible to a electrical override signal.
  • 12 volt power supply required.
  • Backlit display.
  • Optional additional fitting-kit for other vehicles. 
  • Not compatible to radar speed sensors.
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