TeeJet® 1200 and TeeJet 1200S Spray Monitor

The TeeJet 1200 has been manufactured since 1987. Through the years this product has only experienced a few modifications of which the most notable is the introduction of the "S" version. 

Even though the TeeJet 1200 was originally developed for sprayers; its multiple features have proven to be attractive for many other applications such as area recording and distance measuring. The ability to calculate kg/liter per hectare has made the unit extremely popular.

Indeed, the TeeJet LH 1200 monitor has set new limits for precision in agriculture and are known for a technologically logic design, durability, and simple operation.

The TeeJet 1200 S, contrary to its older brother, features both boom compensation and litre/minute function. Boom compensation permits compensation for up to nine individual boom sections. (The compensation is simply activated through the keys 1 - 9 on the key pad while the sections are shut off). Full width operation is reestablished automatically. Litre per minute offers the possibility of checking the actual pump performance and the nozzle wear condition.

The TeeJet 1200 S is equipped with a new and improved fitting hardware that gives the option to include the "select sensor" feature. This feature is useful in cases where you want to place an additional speed sensor on a particular machine disregarding the possible tractor wheel slippage.

The TeeJet 1200 S can be installed on any tractor and/or sprayer.

For other particular manufactured of sprayers we offer a full package - inclusive monitor and all required parts for the sprayer which are ready to install. In all other cases the necessary parts must be specified and ordered separately.


  • Recommendable for DIY on-farm fitting.
  • Fitting instructions and manual included.
  • Speed sensor and magnets included.
  • Override sensor included.
  • Recommended location of speed sensor - tractor rear wheel.
  • Recommend two magnets per wheel.
  • Compatible to electrical override signal.
  • Break away socket included.
  • Not compatible to radar speed sensors.
  • Backlit display.
  • 12 Volt Power supply.
  • Built-in memory.
  • Consumption counter (Kg/Ltr applied).
  • Area accuracy read out.
  • Part and Total area recorders.
  • Speed accuracy read out.
  • Additional fitting kit is optional.
  • Work width compensation.
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