TeeJet® 1600 (M) TramLine Monitor
  • LH1600

The TeeJet tramline monitor fully satisfies the today and tomorrow demands. It is a robust, easy to use monitor and popular due to its built-in area meter; which can adapt to all sizes of drill machines.

The TeeJet 1600 is produced in two versions: 

  1. “M” version which is dedicated to electro-motor operated clutches or valve-activators; commonly used in conjunction with pneumatic drill machines.
  2. The ”standard” version is dedicated to electro-magnetic (spool) operated seed-shaft located activators.

TeeJet 1600 “M” is delivered only as a complete ready-to-fit package; including sensors for tram-sequence control and area meter, connecting cables, and junction box minus activators.  We request you to order activators from your machine supplier.

Extension for the main cable is available. (Commonly requested if the drill machine works in conjunction with a power harrow, or is a trailed machine.)

All are very easy to install. Operator and fitting instructions are included.

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