TeeJet® 500 IntelliTram® Controller

The Intelligent Tramline Controller

The intelligent tramilne controller makes advanced tramlining easy. The fully graphic LCD display can be "customized", within limits, to show the information the operator wants to see. Operation and programming are easy using the logical keypad.


  • Advanced tramline control.*
  • Screen shows the previous, actual, and next round.
  • Forward speed.
  • Area worked.
  • Hopper content (kg).*
  • Hopper low level alarm.*
  • Seed rate (kg/ha).*
  • Distance traveled.
  • Fan RPM (pneumatic drills).*
  • Job memory facility.

*Depends on the available sensors.

Visible and audible warnings are given in the event of machine performance malfunctions.

How to order: 

 Part Number



  TeeJet IntelliTram Excluding Seed Drill Fitting Kit and Shutoff Mechanisms 


  TeeJet IntelliTram Seed Dill Fitting Kit Excluding Shutoff Mechanism
  Optional Shutoff


  Set of Two Clutches for 17 mm Hexagonal Drill Shaft
  Optional Extras


  Drill Shaft Sensor (for metering seed rate) 17 mm Hexagonal Drill Shaft


  Hopper Lever Sensor

The TeeJet IntelliTram 500 tramline computer has been developed to be used on a number of different seed drills. Due to this it is possible to connect a number of different sensors and actuator types.

The standard kit contains:
1 - Monitor
1 - Junction box
1 - Wheel sensor kit
2 - Implement sensor kits
Other sensors, clutches, etc. must be ordered separately.

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