FieldPilot® with Matrix® Pro
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FieldPilot with Matrix Pro – Only from TeeJet 

System uses the Matrix Pro interface for GPS guidance 

  • RealView® blends animated guidance information with real video image on a single display to improve accuracy
  • Operators can monitor implement operations while FieldPilot handles the steering
  • At row end, the video display of what’s ahead helps operators improve precision and accuracy while making headland turns manually
  • Choice of guidance over video, guidance only or video only 

FieldPilot Costs Less, Offers More

  • Low-cost, high-performance auto steer system greatly reduces operator fatigue and significantly improves productivity
  • FieldPilot can be owner-installed in about half a day. Installation kits are available for more than 300 different vehicles including many older model tractors, combines and sprayers
  • Hydraulic steering interface is responsive and provides excellent performance
  • Clutter-free cab. No brackets or motors are required in the cab eliminating any chance of interference with normal steering. Exterior valve location minimizes noise and heat 
  • FieldPilot is automatic boom section control-ready. Control up to 15 boom sections automatically when you add
    BoomPilot® or RowPilot automatic section control
    • FieldPilot offers incredible value with more functionality than systems that cost
      10% to 30% more. This means you’ll recoup your initial investment faster
    • Ideal for use on tractors, sprayers and combines

Matrix Pro Benefits: 

  • Exclusive RealView Guidance Over Video displays guidelines on a real time display of the field actually being worked. Matrix Pro also displays video from up to eight cameras for monitoring of many machine operations
  • Unique NextRow feature helps determine the correct row to drive into when making headland turns in established row crops
  • Two-way data transfer allows uploading and downloading of job data, boundaries, no-spray zones, AB lines and more to save time and increase your efficiency
  • “Painted screen” provides graphical display of field coverage,
    including skips and overlaps

Matrix® Pro Software is now available!

Click here to update your console to the new Matrix Pro v2.01 software

Click here for more on Matrix Pro  

Hands-Free Steering 

Affordable Automatic
Boom Control Option 

PWM Hydraulic Valve

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