Automatic Section Control Complimenting the TruCount Air Clutch for Corn Planters

RowPilot is an automatic section control product that provides planter section control when connected to a CenterLine® 230BP or BoomPilot® Pro device and a Tru Count Air Clutch® system for corn planters. The RowPilot will automatically shut off planter row sections where overlap occurs, saving seed input costs. RowPilot automatically resumes planting when the overlapped area has been exited.

With the assistance of GPS information received from the CenterLine 230BP or BoomPilot Pro consoles, RowPilot can operate planters with 8, 12, 16, or 24 rows. The included switchbox allows for the manual operation of planter clutches. 

  • Eliminate over planting on end rows and point rows
  • Prevent yield loss by eliminating competitive plants that often lodge, reducing the yield of the desired stand of plants 
  • Speed up planting – travel at normal planting speed into end rows 
  • Avoid losing seed when planter is raised
  • Reduce stress about the need for accurately lifting and lowering planter on end rows
  • Improve the efficiency of night planting 
  • Reduce cost of other inputs, like insecticides, that operate on the same linkage
  • Improve harvest efficiency with rows that are easy to follow.
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