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Matrix® 430
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The compact Matrix 430 is an easy to use, low cost, graphical guidance system ideal for first-time users. The full-color, touchscreen display allows the operator to efficiently navigate fields with minimal skips and overlaps in coverage.


• Versatile GNSS guidance in a compact, portable package
• High-contrast, full-color, 4.3 in / 110 mm graphic touchscreen display provides superior visibility in bright light conditions
• Full time, on screen numeric display of cross-track error with user selectable display of two additional parameters including: worked area, worked time and ground speed
• High-quality, internal GPS/GLONASS engine with ClearPath technology that enhances GNSS performance in areas where reception is poor or in regions where SBAS differential correction is not readily available
• Optional RXA-30 antenna provides improved reception and noise rejection for situations where GNSS signals may be weak or partially obstructed
• Minimal setup needed before operating
• Guidance modes include: Straight AB, Curved AB, Circle Pivot, and Last Pass
• Return-to-point feature allows operator to easily resume jobs or mark field hazards
• Boundary function allows for easy and precise measurement of field area
• Implement ON/OFF status can be manually activated on screen for single or multiple sections or for single section only with status detect wire 
• Applied alert provides operator with audible alarm when entering into previously applied areas
• Area counter measures and displays applied area throughout application 
• Elapsed time counter measures amount of time spent on current job
• Simple reporting function provides coverage reports in .KML or .PDF format downloaded via USB port

How to Order

Part Number Description

Kit, Matrix 430, GLONASS, Patch Antenna, Battery leads


Kit, Matrix 430, GLONASS, Patch Antenna, COBO Connector


Kit, Matrix 430, GLONASS, Patch Antenna, US lighter Connector


Kit, Matrix 430, GLONASS, RXA-30 Antenna, Battery Leads


Kit, Matrix 430, GLONASS, RXA-30 Antenna, COBO Connector


Kit, Matrix 430, GLONASS, RXA-30 Antenna, US Lighter Connector


Part Number



Console, Matrix 430, GLONASS


Cable, Power, US Lighter Adapter


Cable, Power, COBO Adapter


Cable, Power, Direct to Battery, 10 ft /3 m


Kit, RAM Mount w/ Suction Cup


Metal Mounting Plate (Also Requires 3 Velcro Strips #60-10081)


Antenna, GPS Patch L1 with GLONASS


Kit, RXA-30 Antenna with 20 ft / 6 m Cable


Kit, RXA-30 Antenna with 30 ft / 9 m Cable

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