Tilt Compensation Module
Tilt Gyro Module
  • Tilt Gyro Module

If your GPS antenna is mounted 12 feet (4 meters) above the ground, a 10% side slope can cause 2 feet (0.6 m) of position error. The new Tilt Compensation Module corrects GPS position errors caused by side-slope conditions. Mounted to a solid structure on your vehicle, the Tilt Compensation Module will intercept GPS signals from your receiver and provide corrected position data to your guidance device.

  • Diagnostic LEDs indicate status of TCM (power status, operating status, and status of incoming GPS data).
  • Weatherproof electrical connector for trouble free operation.
  • Mounting holes built into housing.
  • Automatically detects GPS sensor baud rate and adjusts output accordingly.
  • Compatible with Swath XL, GuideLine, CenterLine, and Legacy 6000 guidance systems.

How to order:




  Tilt Compensation Module Kit for Guidance Systems


  Tilt Compensation Module Kit for Legacy 6000


  Cable, Tilt Compensation, Conxall


  Cable, Tilt Compensation, DB9


  Module, Tilt Compensation

U.S. Catalog 50, page 124
Metric Catalog 50, page 124
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