Fieldware™ Suite 3.01 Software

Fieldware™ software provides a complete set of tools to map fields, collect soil data, guide machines, control a variable rate application, and move data into a Geographic Information System (GIS). Install the Fieldware software on a portable computer, connect a differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) receiver to the COM port, and you are ready to go.

All of the software modules are combined into one package in the Fieldware Suite. This is an economical choice if you plan to do field mapping, soild sampling, machine guidance, and variable rate application.

Otherwise, just buy the components that suit your needs now. When you are ready for the next step, add the next module.

Field Mapping & Grid Soil Sampling
Mapping the field boundaries and features is often the first step in a precision ag program. Fieldware lets you:

  • Map field boundaries
  • Displays distances as you drive
  • Map polygons, lines, or points in any combination
  • Map navigation hazards to warn an operator later when running guidance
  • Display a US Geological Survey quad map or regional road map in the background
  • Export map data directly to several ag GIS packages or export files in shape format

Fieldware will grid a field into a sqare or rectangular pattern and then navigate you to a point in each grid cell to collect a soil sample. Points can be centered, unaligned, or randomly places in each grid.

Connect the Swath lightbar to your mobile computer and you have a parallel swath guidance system; one that will guide you and create a record map of what you have done.

Swath lets you:

  • Drive lines in any order and in any direction
  • Establish more than one set of guidelines in a field and toggle between sets
  • Create a field boundary while applying if one is not available
  • See a map of the field and watch your progress
  • Get an "as applied" record map when you are done
  • Be alerted to an approaching hazard with visible warning flash

Application Rate Management
Variable rate application of a product can be done with Application Rate Management, or ARM. In this module a DGPS receiver is connected to one COM port and a rate controller is connected to a second COM port. Information on geographic positions is received and interpreted from the GPS receiver. In turn, the rate controller receives data on rates to apply and replies with data confirming that the system is functioning correctly.

A field prescription map, developed with an office GIS software, is loaded into the field computer in advance. Fieldware's ARM will:

  • Monitor the target and application rate of products.
  • Create an "as applied" map for the product applied.
  • Operate with or without a Mid-Tech lightbar for guidance.
  • Automatically send a zero rate to the controller if you enter an area already covered.

Exploit the power of a GIS
Fieldware™ record file data can be imported into most common GIS office software packages and there they can be layered with other geo-referenced data. Using the Map Manager Utility that is included in all the Fieldware modules, you can display combinations of data files.

Technical Support & Warranty

TeeJet Technologies provides detailed manuals on software operation. Additional technical support is simply a phone call away. Support is free of charge for one year from the date of purchase. Installations and on-site training are available by arrangement with TeeJet.

pdfFieldware Bulletin (424 kb)
Two page bulletin on our Fieldware precision farming software package.
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