Roadway Management System (RMS)

RMS Office

RMS Office is the desktop software component of the RMS application system. RMS Office helps manage your application data and records and provides full reporting capabilities of your spraying jobs. In this desktop application, profiles are created for individual companies, personnel, contractors, chemicals and chemical mixes, and spray vehicle configurations. These profiles are then combined with the GPS based application data to provide comprehensive, site-specific application records of your spraying activities. Protect your department from spraying related liability issues by fully documenting each spraying session.


  • Create profiles for: agencies, chemicals, chemical mixtures, personnel, vehicles, and spray configurations.
  • View background maps of roads and streams.
  • View base maps and object information.
  • Create and print base maps.
  • Create and print finsihed application reports using Report Wizard.
  • Import and export shape files.
  • Protect your department from spray related liability issues with fully documented spray sessions.
U.S. Catalog 50, page 160
Metric Catalog 50, page 160
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