AIUB TeeJet® Banding and Directed Spray Nozzles
  • AIUBspray
  • AIUB row8502-8504


  • Air induction underleaf banding spray tip.
  • Larger droplets for less drift.
  • Off-center spray pattern with flat spray characteristics.
  • Spraying pressure of 30-115 psi (2-8 bar).
  • Can be used with 25598-*-NYR Quick TeeJet cap.

Note: Due to the pre-orifice design, this tip is not compatible with the 4193A check valve. 

Typical Applications

  • Used at the end of the spray boom around the perimeter of the field to protect sensitive areas.
  • Underleaf banding of pesticides or liquid fertilizers.

How to order:
Specify tip number.
     AIUB85025-VS - Stainless Steel with VisiFlo color-coding

U.S. Catalog 50, page 41
Metric Catalog 50, page 41
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