Rapid Stop
Rapid Stop
  • Rapid Stop
  • Rapid Stop Variety

Rapid Stop Nozzle Body Adapter

  • Extended inlet tube for wet boom nozzle bodies raises inlet tube height to evacuate trapped air from spray boom
  • Can significantly reduce the shut off and turn on time of spray tips for more precise application
  • Easily installed into a wide range of TeeJet wet boom nozzle bodies
  • Stainless steel construction for strength and excellent chemical resistance

    Part Number

    Wet Boom Size

    Fits TeeJet Nozzle Body

    CP98583-1-3/4-SS 3/4" Pipe QJ360C, QJ380, QJ380F, QJS
    CP98583-1-1-SS 1" Pipe QJ360C, QJ380, QJ380F, QJS
    CP98583-2-3/4-SS 3/4" Pipe QJ17560A, 24216A
    CP98583-2-1-SS 1" Pipe QJ17560A, 24216A
    CP98583-3-1-SS 1" Pipe QJ360F QJ360F


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