TeeJet® Nozzle Body ChemSaver® Check Valves
55300 Air ChemSaver
  • 55300 Air ChemSaver
  • 55295 e-ChemSaver
55295 e-ChemSaver® Electric Solenoid Shutoff
The 55295 e-ChemSaver is a solenoid actuated shutoff compatible with a wide range of TeeJet nozzle bodies equipped with a diaphragm check valve. It can be used for end of boom nozzles as well as individual tip shutoff and PWM controls.



  • Valve is normally closed and opens when solenoid is energized.
  • Wetted materials include stainless steel and Viton®. 
  • Use with most diaphragm check valve equipped TeeJet nozzle bodies. 
  • 100 PSI (6.8 bar) maximum spraying pressure at minimum voltage (12V or 24V). 
  • 0.6 GPM (2.27 l/min) at 5 PSI (0.34 bar) pressure drop and 0.8 GPM (3.0 l/min) at 10 PSI (0.7 bar) pressure drop.
  • 1/4 second response time.
  • Offered in 12- or 24-Volt DC version.
  • 2-Pin MetriPack connector molded into body for a clean, weather-tight electrical connection. 


55300 Air ChemSaver Shutoff
The 55300 Air ChemSaver is designed as a pneumatic shut-off valve for use most on Quick TeeJet nozzle assemblies. Air pressure is used to open the valve and a spring is used to close the valve. The 55300 Air ChemSaver shutoff valve allows for individual tip shutoff, increasing precision application and chemical savings.



  • Use with most diaphragm check valve equipped TeeJet nozzle bodies 
  • Minimum opening air pressure of 40 PSI (4.1 bar)
  • The 55300 valve is normally closed 
  • 150 PSI (10 bar) maximum liquid pressure
  • Inlet connection swivels 360 degrees and accepts standard push-to-connect fittings.
  • Must be compatible with Viton, kynar and polypropylene


 56720 ChemSaver Air Shutoff

Pneumatic Line Features
56720 ChemSaver Air Shutoff Valve is designed as a pneumtic valve for use on Quick TeeJet nozzle assemblies. Air pressure is used to open the valve and a spring is used to close the valve.

  • Available in 1/8" NPT or BSPT (F) threads.
  • Valve is normally closed.
  • Air consumption per valve: 0.015 CF/CYCLE (.0007 (L/CYCLE).

System Line Features

  • Maximum 115 PSI (8 bar) liquid pressure.
  • Must be compatible with VIton polypropylene and polyurethane.
  • (B)56720-1/8-F is for TeeJet nozzle bodies using one-piece diaphragm check valve with a flat diaphragm.
  • (B)56720-1/8-B is for TeeJet nozzle bodies using two-piece diaphragm check valve with a bead diaphragm. 

58140 ChemSaver Manual Shutoff


  • Use with any application where individual shutoff is important such as golf course and estate sprayers.
  • 150 PSI (10 bar) maximum pressure rating.
  • Nylon construction.


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U.S. Catalog 50, page 65
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