FullJet® Wide Angle Full Cone Spray Tips
  • FLSpray
  • FLJT tips
  • FL15VS


  • Large droplets to reduce drift.
  • Excellent spray distribution over a range of pressures 15-40 psi (1-3 bar).
  • Ideal for use on rigs with sprayer controllers.
  • Wide spray angle allows use on 40" (100 cm) spacings.
  • Available in VisiFlo color-coding system in all stainless steel or Celcon with stainless steel vane.
  • Can be used with CP25607-*-NY for Quick TeeJet connection. 

Optimum Spray Height

FullJet nozzles should be angled 30º-45º from vertical for uniform spray distribution.



 20" (50 cm)

 20" (50 cm)*

 30" (75 cm)

 30" (75 cm)*

 40" (100 cm)

 40" (100 cm)* 

*Wide angle spray nozzle height is influenced by nozzle orientation.
  The critical factor is to achieve a minimum 30% overlap.

How to order:
Specify tip number.
     FL-5VS - Stainless Steel with VisiFlo color-coding
     FL-5VC - Celcon with Stainless Steel vane and VisFlo color-coding

U.S. Catalog 50, page 30
Metric Catalog 50, page 30
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