TeeJet® Flow Regulators

Flow Regulators are usually mounted behind cultivator shanks for the subsurface application of liquid fertilizers and soil fumigants. They are also used for above-ground streaming applications. 

Always insert orifice plate with side marked with number facing the outlet.

To determine the orifice plates you need, use the following equations:   



      GPA x MPH W         




    l/ha x km/hr x W     

(per nozzle)


 (per nozzle)





 5,940 x GPM (per nozzle)




 60,000 x l/min (per nozzle)

 MPH x W

 km/h x W

W  =  Nozzle spacing (in inches or cm) for broadcast spraying
   =  Spray width (in inches or cm) for single nozzle, band spraying 
 or boomless spraying
   =  Row spracing (in inches or cm) divided by the number of nozzles
 per row for directed spraying

If your application creates backpressure, or if spraying into a liquid, measure and calibrate to ensure proper application rates. Conversion factors must be used when spraying liquids that are heavier or lighter than water.

How to order:
Specify orifice plate number.

U.S. Catalog 50, page 50
Metric Catalog 50, page 50
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