TeeJet® Tank Rinsing Nozzles
D41892 TankRinse
  • D41892 TankRinse

55270 – Rotating Tank Rinse Nozzle


  • Rotating head driven by the flow of the rinsing liquid through multiple round spray orifices.
  • Solid stream sprays are precisely positioned to provide effective internal wetting and cleaning of tank surface.
  • Removable retainer and rotating body allows for disassembly and cleaning.
  • Provides 360° coverage of inside surface of tank for tank diameters up to 10 feet (3.0 m).
  • Self-lubricating and self-flushing design.
  • Materials: Body – black POM (acetal); Fasteners – stainless steel.
  • Recommended operating pressure 10–50 PSI (0.7–3.5 bar).
  • Mounting connection – 1/2" or 3/4" NPT or BSPT (F).



  • The rotary tank rinsing nozzle is used for rinsing the insides of chemical containers and spray tanks up to 6.5 feet (2.0 meters) in diameter.
  • Available with 1/2" NPT or BSPT (F) connections.
  • Significant lower rotating speed at approximately 15% of typical speed results in faster and more thorough cleaning of tank surface.
  • Self-cleaning sliding bearing.
  • Body and inserts are made of POM (acetal).
  • Nozzle fits in 1-1/2" (37 mm) opening.
  • Recommended operating pressure 30-60 psi (2-4 bar) with a maximum pressure of 115 psi (8 bar).
U.S. Catalog 50, page 52
Metric Catalog 50, page 52
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