Plumbing Diagrams

The following diagrams ahve been developed to serve as a guideline for plumbing agricultural sprayers. Similar manual valves may be substituted for electrical valves. However, the sequence in which these valves occur should remain the same. Note that one of the most common causes of premature valve failure is improper installation.

Positive Displacement Pump

Piston, roller, and diaphragm pumps are all types of positive displacement pumps. This means that pump output is proportional to speed and virtually independent of pressure. A key componenet in a positive displacement system is the pressure relief valve. Proper placement and sizing of the pressure relief valve is essential for safe and accurate operation of a positive displacement pump.

Two-Way Plumbing Diagram

Positive 2-way Pump

Three-Way Plumbing Diagram

Positive 3-way Pump

 Non-Positive Displacement Pump

The centrifugal pump is the most common non-positive displacement pump. The output from this type of pump is influenced by pressure. This pump is ideal for delivering large volumes of liquid at low pressures. A key component of the centrifugal pump is the throttling valve. A manual throttling valve on the main output line is essential for the accurate operation of the centrifugal pump.

Two-Way Plumbing Diagram

Non Positive 2-way Pump


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